Brennabor No. 3, 1894-1895

This bike used to be part of the collection of the Brennabor-brb in Brandenburg, Germany. It still has the remains of the original transfer on the head, which proves it is a Brennabor. It is a highly original bike, which even has its original saddle and fenders.  The wooden blocks on the pedals are later replacements of the original rubbers.
It has a lot of details in common with other bikes from those years. With its pneumatic tires it was state of the art in 1893-1895. Some details remind me of French bikes, especially the front brake, which looks very similar to a Clément construction.
But then, it has some indistinguishable features. The steering lock is most characteristic and never seen on another bike.   

For some more information about the Brennabor factory, look at the description of their crossframe on my site.